Realme GT 2 Review

Realme GT 2 in different colors

If you are looking for the feel of a high-end phone without assaulting your wallet, Realme GT 2 is your best shot. This phone exemplifies the attractiveness of Realme phones. It falls within the bracket of £550. If you’re curious about the tradeoffs Realme made to keep the price below €550, keep reading. It is one of the latest phones in the market with some extraordinary features. It is now available in the UK. Follow the article for a detailed review and our two cents on this launch. 

Salient Features of Realme GT 2

Power on a budget-The Realme GT 2 is one of the most reasonably priced smartphones with a genuine high-end chipset. Yes, the Snapdragon 888 is a bit dated, and the original Realme GT featured the same processor, but this phone is still a formidable performer. You can play games smoothly on it.

Camera Quality-Realme’s GT 2 has superior camera quality over the original Realme GT. Its 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor is a stalwart that can capture images of flagship quality; it rarely lets you down with its inclination to allow minor overexposure in extreme settings.

Wireless Charging- The Realme GT 2 does not support wireless charging, a feature that may be essential for certain users. Realme GT 2 is a treat in itself, but it lacks a wireless charging feature. 

Only One Good Lens-The primary camera of the Realme GT 2 is solely responsible for the amazing picture quality of this device’s cameras. Unfortunately, its ultra-wide angle is average, and its macro capabilities are absurd. Consider upgrading to the Realme GT 2 Pro if you want a step up in camera quality.

First Impression

The phone comes in a standard box with a user manual, a 65W charger, and a USB-C to USB-A cable for transferring data and charging. In addition, the device comes with a stylish silicone casing that is more comfortable to hold than the standard transparent covers. It has a ravishing surface and finishes; however, the smudges are prominent. Last year, Realme collaborated with Naoto Fukusawa, the designer who helped create the GT Master line. This


If we talk about the pricing point of the phone, the GT 2 phone costs £499 and includes 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, which is £200 cheaper than the Realme GT 2 Pro. A variant with 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM is available for £549.

Camera Quality

The GT2 keeps the excellent Sony IMX766 50MP sensor as its primary camera, despite downgrades to ultrawide and macro cameras. The GT2 Pro’s visual quality suited our needs, so we know what to anticipate. The front-facing camera is now only 16 megapixels, but that doesn’t always indicate a drop in quality.


They continually supply better hardware than the competition, which usually outweighs any lack of refinement in the backend software. The power button is located on the right, a bit higher but still within the thumb’s reach. Dual SIM card slots, the USB-C port, and the bottom-firing speaker are located on the bottom. Realme replaced the volume rocker on the Pro with two distinct volume buttons. 

Charging & Battery life

Similar specifications (up to 65W) and a 5,000 mAh battery are used in the Realme GT2 as the ones used in GT2 Pro. The charging time from a completely dead battery is identical to the promised 33 minutes. Apparently, 33 minutes is all it takes for the devices to reach 100%, but another seven are required to get the “completely charged” status. As far as the battery life is concerned, the video playback can go on for 22 hours, while web browsing can last up to 18 hours. Those are remarkable outcomes for a smartphone with this price range

Realme GT 2 vs GT 2 Pro

Realme GT 2

The regular GT2 offers nearly identical performance to the more expensive GT2 Pro model, but with a price tag of €200 lower. Although it lacks the LTPO2 screen and “settles” for the Snapdragon 888 SoC, we believe that Qualcomm’s flagship chip for 2021 will be more than adequate for most consumers.

Major Turnoffs

The Realme GT 2 integrates a fingerprint scanner directly into the display of every model. Realme could have saved money by going the obvious approach and using a cheaper side-loaded one, but instead, it went for the more expensive option. This scanner is quick and performed flawlessly during testing, although it does have one major flaw. When the Realme GT 2 is idle or on standby, it does not “look” for your finger. To activate the screen lock, first hit the power button. However, a fingerprint scanner integrated into the side power button would be even quicker.

There are merely a few glaring oversights. Depending on your preference, the interface background can be either white or off-black in the Light and Dark modes, respectively. When using the theme’s Dark mode, the notification drop-text down can be challenging to read. There were a couple of instances where the notification drop-dock became stuck, blocking access to programs until you physically moved it out of the way. And the always-on-screen feature doesn’t seem to be functional. There is no issue here that cannot be dealt with by installing your phone’s latest software update(s). 

When it comes to the external hardware of the Realme GT 2, there isn’t much that we can talk about, but we do prefer that it had a jack for headphones.

Best Deals On Realme GT 2

Realme GT 2 is a budget-friendly smartphone that offers great value for the price. Here we mentioned some of the best deals on Realme GT 2.

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The Realme GT2 is an excellent midrange smartphone. We back the idea of the Snapdragon 888 from the previous year. With its robust SoC, the GT2 also has a beautiful display, long-lasting battery, rapid charging, cutting-edge styling, and an exceptional primary camera. 

However, the GT2 doesn’t shine in very many respects. Even with its fantastic design, the Paper design fails to differentiate itself. And these days, you can pick from many budget flagships, several of which are even less expensive than the GT2. It serves as a helpful reminder that there will always be certain functions missing from a phone like this one, which refers to Android devices that offer some, but not all, of the functionality of a high-end phone.